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Selected works:

A Numerical Breakdown of Kendrick Lamar's "good kid, m.A.A.d city"
-I counted everything from the number of Los Angeles streets name-dropped to the number of times Halle Berry was mentioned. 

A History of Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane's Beef
-When this decades-long hip-hop beef reignited in 2012, a renewed history was researched and filed. 

This Cambridge University Neuroscientist Wants to Use Hip-Hop to Treat Mental Illness
-An aggregated news item on how hip-hop is making waves in mental health treatment and care.

She's not even from New York City though.

She's not even from New York City though.

Taylor Swift Named NYC's Global Welcome Ambassador, Teaches Everyone What a Bodega Is
-A satirical piece based on Taylor Swift's "Welcome To New York" song/advertising campaign. 

Listen to Willow Smith's "Female Energy" Freestyle
-A brief review of one of my favorite songs in 2014. 

The Supreme Court Quoted Eminem While Deciding if Rap Lyrics Can Be Used in Court
-A news post on how rap lyrics are intersecting with law enforcement and prosecution in questionable ways. 

10 Things We Learned From Nicki Minaj’s #ThePinkprintTakeover
-A quick aggregation of the most important facts gleaned from Nicki Minaj's Q&A with iTunes. 

Radio Stations Switching to Only Classic Hip-Hop Are Seeing Increased Ratings
-In an era of Top 40 pop infecting "real" hip-hop radio stations, some are zigging back towards classic hip-hop while the giants continue to zag. 

Kanye West Explains Why He Doesn't Smile
-An age-old question, finally answered by the man himself. 

The Complex Staff Lists Their Favorite Songs and Albums of 2014
-Along with the rest of the Complex Music staff, I named my favorite songs and albums of 2014. #PersonalTaste