Justin interviews Maria Sharapova in August 2015.

Justin interviews Maria Sharapova in August 2015.

Why Wearing Redface To A Sporting Event Or Anywhere Else Is Wrong
-First reported by HuffPost Sports, a Washington NFL fan was spotted in full redface during a Giants game in September. After speaking to historians and Native American advocacy groups, this feature explains why redface, like blackface, is offensive. 

An Oral History Of The First U.S. Olympic Women's Basketball Team
-Pegged to the 40th anniversary of their silver medal win in the first Olympic women's basketball tournament. For the story, I interviewed U.S. women's head coach Billie Jean Moore and her players Nancy Lieberman, Ann Meyers, Juliene Simpson, Gail Marquis and Trish Roberts. When Pat Summitt died, I was also able to use my connections and interview everyone again to put together a short oral history of Summitt's time as captain of the team. 

The 1976 U.S. Olympic women's basketball team enjoys a sunny walk together.

The 1976 U.S. Olympic women's basketball team enjoys a sunny walk together.


Next Time Greg Hardy Abuses Women, He's Out Of The NFL. Who Does That Help?
-Using the Greg Hardy case as an example, the piece examines the NFL's domestic violence policy in detail, culling opinions from the leading advocates for violence against women and sexual assault, as well as the NFL's own special counsel for investigations, Lisa Friel.  

Newspaper Explains Use Of Jordan Crying Face For Story About Gun Violence
-While every outlet simply aggregated a Twitter user's uploaded photo of an unknown Malawian newspaper running the MJ Crying Face photo, I decided that this story -- if true -- was too quirky to let go. I was the only sportswriter to track down the Malawian newspaper and interview its editors responsible for the photo placement. Their explanations are almost too amazing to believe. 


We Shouldn’t Have Needed Photos To Understand Greg Hardy’s Violence
-Published in the wake of Deadspin's release of photographic evidence of Greg Hardy's assault, the column heavily criticizes the Dallas Cowboys and media members for standing by Hardy's proclaimed innocence even though a police report had already outlined Hardy's violence. 

What It Feels Like To Have Johnny Manziel Destroy Your House
-Following reports of Manziel causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage to a rental home in L.A., I interviewed its owner and obtained legal records from his lawyer to report more details of how Manziel's out-of-control partying left so much damage. 

The Cleveland Browns Reportedly Want Johnny Manziel To Dump His Girlfriend. They Should Dump Him
-Following a report indicating that the Browns viewed Johnny Manziel's girlfriend, who accused him of beating her, as the source of Manziel's problematic behavior, this piece takes the team to task for their shameful lack of disciplinary action against Manziel and their own insolence towards all victims of domestic violence. 

Nike Just Created A Sneaker That Laces On Its Own
-I covered it's unveiling and spoke to its designers. The sneaker needs to be seen in action to be believed. 



The NFL Should Release The Details Of Its Johnny Manziel Investigation
-After the NFL announced it would not levy domestic violence discipline for Johnny Manziel in a terse, short, non-transparent statement, this article got to the bottom of why Manziel wasn't disciplined. 

A Timeline Of Everything That Led Up To This Photo Of Johnny Manziel's Mustache
-Johnny Manziel went to Las Vegas in disguise and was AWOL for about a week at the end of the 2015 NFL season. Pulling together various reports, a concise timeline of events was constructed to present a clearer picture of what Manziel was up to. 

The 12 Sickest NFL Burns From The 'Deflategate' Decision
-After a U.S. judge released a 40-page decision overturning the NFL's suspension of Tom Brady, this piece excerpted the judge's most damning parts against the NFL and their handling of "Deflategate." 




9 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Sports Fans
-From "Michael Jordan Crying Face" to "The Deflator" and even "Irresponsible Baseball Dad."

How An Apple Watch Helped Save A High School Football Player's Life
-Featuring an interview from the high school football  player, this report recounts how his Apple Watch alerted him to a life-threatening condition during training camp, and further reviews how the watch's technology works. 

Why Aren't Companies More Worried About Female Sneakerheads?
-Based on a visit to the Brooklyn Museum's "Rise of Sneaker Culture" exhibition, this feature examines the history behind the barriers many women "sneakerheads" face from the sportswear industry. 

Andy Roddick On The Ugly Truth Behind How We Treat Serena Williams
-Using a revelatory quote from Andy Roddick on how unfairly Serena Williams had been treated ahead of the 2015 U.S. Open, this blog contextualizes his words. 

A Primer On Kristaps Porzingis For Those Who Don't Yet Understand
-New York Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis stormed onto the NBA scene in 2015. This primer examines how he went from loathed by Knicks fans to obsessively loved so quickly. 

The NFL Has A Quarterback Concussion Problem
-Despite the NFL's best efforts, its concussion policy failed St. Louis Rams quarterback Case Keenum in a particularly disturbing way in November 2015. 

Good Company Man Russell Wilson Plugs Miracle Water As Football Injury Cure
-Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson plugged his water brand as a product that presents and heals concussions. This piece, and its follow-up, completely debunks Wilson's claim. 

ESPN Closing Grantland Is The Dumbest 'Smart' Business Decision
-Lamenting the termination of Grantland, this column blasts a cost-cutting ESPN for their unwillingness to make the business of their best quality product work in the long-term. 

How Triple Crown Winner American Pharoah Could Become A $100 Million Horse
-Using interviews from horse racing experts, agents, owners, and historians, this piece explains how the greatest race horse of the 21st century could be worth $100 million one day.